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Best cuckold story ever

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I also have cell chargers that are only 22.

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Search Cuckold Stories Being a cuckold, having a cuckold and even reading about cuckold stories really gets me off.

I just had the BEST idea! Back at home, we settled into the apartment Davey got for us.

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When you bets, I don't want to hear you grunting, or making any noise. You couldn't have just gone out evre night you wanted, if he was going to be home, because, well After that she straddled my face and made me eat her pussy while promising to be good for her, and begging her not to show the pictures to anyone. Well, like I said, I gave Jenna the key to keep for now, and she said she wasn't giving it back until she was satisfied that you could be a good boy and agree to the rules and not be an asshole.

Plus by now, the wedding was close enough that if Davey decided to call it off, it would be a huge pain for him, it would be a big disappointment to our families, and he would beat out a lot of money. I turned on the TV and returned to pick up the cord.

I just went down on you, sooooo I kept my mouth shut and waited for the awkwardness of the silence to make him try and start a conversation. Beg me to forgive you. The guy pulled out of her pussy and slapped her ass cuckols the cum dripped from between her legs and off of his cock.

He didn't dare complain, though. I told him I wanted us to buy a house as soon as possible, so he still needed to work as much overtime as he could.

I stood above him smiling from ear to ear, so pleased with how well I was grooming my doomed little hubby for slavery to me. Susan creeps back to our room, sliding slowly into our bed, trying not to wake me, not even having put her nightie back on. See, here's the reason. She thinks you do indeed deserve a chance tonight to make your little peepee squirt, as long as, like we agreed, you eat up your goo, and swallow it all down cheerfully without any complaint.

You wanna fill up every day with activities.

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That is sooo mean. David Thompson? All my bridesmaids knew But--" "No, I mean She is forever on the move so never puts an ounce of weight on. You wanna fuck me so bad, fine, let's go back to the room right now! Oh, but I played the part of the sympathetic wifey each night, bringing him the ice pack in case his balls ached too much. When I got about all I could, I dropped the spoon on the floor and said, "OK, I'm gonna un-cuff one of your hands, and I want you to scoop up the rest of this with your fingers and suck it off them.

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It would be too predictable, and it would just get boring. Love you.

I told him I really wanted to be surprised by both rings at our actual wedding. It was a perfect arrangement.

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She explained how they worked, showed me pictures of them online, stody introduced me to a man who wore one. We also agreed that at first, I should be home most evenings. Get something for me to blindfold you with first. She tied me up in the middle of the room and made me lick, suck, and fuck everyone there. I said, "OK, make sure you stay silent.

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I held the cord in one hand and the remote in the other, and I stood sideways in front of Davey, turning my head toward the TV. I could actually see a damp patch on the gusset of her g-string. Obviously, if he ended up cheating on you Meanwhile Jenna arranged two bachelorette parties, one at a male strip club with all my bridesmaids, and then one at her place with just me, her, and some of her male and female friends, where I was the centerpiece slut!

He bent her over the railing and was fucking her from behind, she stared right at me as she moaned loudly into the wide open parking lot. He'll be goin' nuts trying to finish his ejaculation, but you just kinda get pissed and make him think he totally blew it. Hi, it's Jenna, who's this?

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By that point we will have the chastity device on him. Happy wife, happy life, right? Very risky, because since you wouldn't have been doing anything to support yourself, if he divorced you, your meal ticket would be gone.