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Best friend sex story

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Thanks rfiend watching. I'm very discreet and won't kiss n tell so ladies your secrets are safe with me, let me fulfill your chocolate desires and feed your sweet tooth what its been craving. Looks not important should be local and able to host soon. I Am Not Looking for Hook-Ups.

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I felt is cock strain before he shot his first load down my throat. He even walked into my shower once. I felt like I had no choice. I just laid there. He walked up to me dtory like he was starving and needed me. He was huge.

How i banged my best friend

We had never cuddled before. Our sexual moments never went this far. He pressed himself against me, I could feel him disgustingly between my legs and he started humping. Part of me hoped he would at least hear the fear in my voice and would stop. I came downstairs to find them both in the kitchen, arguing about the best type of beer. He was my best friend, in its truest form.

I grabbed at his face and kissed him, he pulled his cock from his trousers and began pushing it deep into my swollen pink pussy.

He lay me back gently and kissed his way down my now naked body, he stopped kissing my body as he got to between my legs. What in the world is happening?? Suggestions are welcome. After the most painful two weeks of my life with my "best friend", he explained to me how what he did was a gift for me. I had never been with anyone before. I was so excited for our first sleepover.

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We then slept bes and morning we both never had any guilty feeling and we were happy that we made it. I had never experienced such intense pain in my life. I started to feel nervous and uncomfortable xex I still foolishly trusted him. He was heavy on top of me. I moved closer to him and he tucked my hair behind my ear, I smiled at him and moved in closer, kissing in passionately on the lips, he kissed me back and pulled me ontop of him.

I am searching sex date

Let me take you back to when it all happened and I guess you can make your mind up for yourself. He started fingering me and I quickly lost control of my body. He lay down ontop of me, kissing my neck and lips, moving his rough hands up and down my body. I did not understand but I fell at the mercy of what he was able to make my body feel.

He kissed my lips tenderly before pulling me closer to him. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. It was flat with a small cute belly at end.

My best friend raped me everyday in my house: i let him do it for a reason i can't ever explain

I tried to relax my throat but it was too much for me. You promise? But she did not sleep and kept on trying to kiss me. Then she pushed me down and removed my shorts and boxers. But she started rubbing my back and playing with my chest.

Best friends

We then got into the shower together, cleaning one another up and lathering up my tits with the warm soapy water. Just then he whispered in my ears. This was new and scary. He never says my name. Maybe he felt guilty.

Within minutes i came in her mouth and she spitted it on my cock and cleaned it. Soon, we both let sleep wash over us. We were both sweating and lost in the moment, he kept the slow rhythm and squeezed his eyes shut.

I guess the only agenda my mother had in her life was to get rid of me

I had never met him before, fgiend was a new-ish friend of my d, I had heard him talk about him but never really had an interest in who he was. He stopped and moved his body up so that his face was level with mine, he kissed my neck and whispered in my here telling me I was driving him wild and always had been since that first day I had met him in the kitchen. This type of eye fucking went on for some time, we would tsory glances at one another over the dinner table and he would make excuses to friemd over more often.

I was fingering her with 1 hand while kissing her right breast and squeezing the left one. My body went completely numb.

So tsory searched for a medicals and luckily we got one. Thank god i had cummed during the blowjob. Our hips slammed together as I worked hard to make him cum.

At that time i saw chocolate flavoured condoms. In my mind they went as far as every form of love you brst think of. We went out and she couldn't walk properly and she held my shoulders and i held her waist. I jumped up, my breasts exposed out of my dress, his shirt slightly unbuttoned and his cock clearly visible through his pants.

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I could feel him pushing my g-spot, his cock was throbbing inside of me. I took the condom from my jean and showed her. We got snacks and was about to reach our room.