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Cougar massachusetts

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It can weigh 80 to pounds, and the nocturnal hunter's nighttime "eye shine" is a greenish gold. The most recent post was Dec. For starters, part of the confusion might come from the fact that the eastern cougar was taken off the endangered species list earlier this year. All rights reserved About Us.

They create these big latrines that massachuswtts very obvious. It is also known as cougar, panther, mountain lion, and puma, though catamount is the preferred regional vernacular.

The only current native wild cats in massachusetts: bobcats

MassWildlife took on these rumors in a website post concerning mountain lions and their debated presence in Massachusetts. Fish and Wildlife in began an extensive review of all available information on the predatory cats, ultimately concluding the creature was long gone, ultimately recommending they removal from the endangered species list in Wildlife experts say no.

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We also welcome letters to the editor for publication; you can do that by filling out our letters form and submitting it to the newsroom. And now that everyone and their mother has a remote camera in their back yard One former town wildlife massacchusetts told her he saw one leap across Route 23, and she believed it from the description.

The government says they don't exist here.

Bearded, bowler hat, expression impenetrable behind facial hair and the stoicism of an earlier era. There are corollaries in other states.

masschusetts Huguenin said the closest place where mountain lions are thought to be making a comeback is in Missouri. The agency receives about 10 to 20 mountain lion-sighting reports every year, he added, though it is unknown whether this is a wild animal or an "escaped illegal pet," which, he said, would be rare. Masachusetts are only quick sightings around town of the large cat known as the mountain lion.

The death of this catamount officially marked the end of cougars in Vermont; however, the very last Eastern cougar is thought to be an animal that was killed in Somerset County, Maine, in But maybe there's nothing to worry about.

Ask sam: why won't new hampshire admit there are mountain lions here?

The way that we define species has undergone a revolution with the advent cougat DNA testing. The trouble with accepting every reported sighting as a confirmed mountain lion is that there are so many mistaken identifications. Article Continues After Advertisement "Our position is that mountain lions don't exist in Massachusetts," said Michael Huguenin, assistant director for wildlife research.

Thought it might be a bobcat at first, but it was ificantly larger, and the tail was much longer than that of a bobcat. And so does the state. Fish and Wildlife Service officially removed the extinct eastern cougar from the endangered species list last week.

Are the mountain lion sightings in monterey for real?

Like us on Facebook. Once a mysterious, nighttime rover of forests from Michigan and Canada to Massachusetts and the South, the eastern cougar became a target of fur trappers and farmers desiring to protect livestock, in particular during the s and s. Posted Saturday, December 15, pm Don't miss the big stories. The scientific name for the catamount is Puma concolor.

DNA from scat or from fur, a clear track that is confirmed by an expert, or a photo that clearly shows a mountain lion. They kill big animals.

Not yet. Seems reasonable! Inthe U. But no.

Massachusetts’ other, vanished lynx

One Fisheries and Wildlife official said that while it is "not impossible" to see a mountain lion in the state, it is very unlikely, and that the mazsachusetts would likely have made "a very long journey" to arrive here. Reviewing the evidencethe U. Manage subscription View fullscreen Mountain lions are believed not to exist in Massachusetts, but that only means they don't live or breed here.

Drop the torches, there, Sparky.

Bobcats are not more than 30 to 40 pounds. The last catamount in Vermont is finally, officially, certainly dead.


Vougar hey, just me shooting from the hip, maybe there are a couple mountain lions skulking about. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. They typically grow to 30 to 40 pounds, have a fluffy coat and have short tails.