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Famous character couples

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It turns out men and women really can't just be friends after all! The couple, played by Harrison Ford and the late Carrie Chharacter, fall in love over the course of the first three films and eventually marry off-screen in the epic George Lucas space fantasies. Love is in the air—and it's right here too!

Jo and Mr. But they never forget each other.

Some love stories are so touching that they stay with you for the rest of your life. Heath's character, Ennis, is confused by his love for Jake's character, Jack, while Jack is confident in his affection for Ennis. There's no fight at all!

70 of the best tv couples of all time

When Harry Billy Crystal and Sally Meg Ryan first meet in the back of a car from Chicago to New York, they disagree on whether men and women can ever truly be platonic friends. This flick gave us unrealistic expectations for every New Year's Eve of our lives. Buena Vista Pictures Many people just remember Edward riding in with his white limo coulles assume it's another knight-saving-the-damsel tale.

Jamal and Latika's connection is so strong that no obstacle is insurmountable in Slumdog Millionaire.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie starred as boring-married-couple-slash-assassins in "Mr. After hitting a rocky patch in their year marriage, the two got back on track together by renewing their vows in a very small home ceremony in January of Love is supposed to be about partnership, not ownership. It started out as a challenge!

Oh, how we lusted. Relativity Media Noni is a struggling superstar when she meets Kaz. Darcy overcomes his pride and Elizabeth her prejudice to realize that first impressions aren't everything. Did your favourite make the cut…? Jane and Mr.

The ultimate list of fictional and famous couples #relationshipgoals

She may think his bright, gentle nature is what she needs blehbut Gale's sexy nonconformist vibe makes way more sense for her. Romance is coiples my favorite part of any film. Big Chris Noth failed to show up at their elaborate wedding, he eventually managed to win Carrie Sarah Jessica Parker back. Wild Bunch This coming-of-age tale is intimate, raw, and certainly not afraid of a good sex scene.

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The lovestruck cowboys' forbidden romance ends tragically, leaving Ennis in pieces when he learns Jack has passed away. Now that's love.

Gilbert is a much richer character than many book heroes. Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.

These are the best movie couples of all time…

Plus, when she meets him to apologize, he's rude and condescending. And we wanted to be there so badly.

Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts had some serious chemistry in 's "Notting Hill," which saw humble British bookshop owner William Thatcher and Hollywood movie star Anna Scott cross paths and fall in love. And that kiss in the rain was made all the more intoxicating through knowing the Hollywood couple were at the same time living out a real-life relationship.

Phil and Claire Dunphy, Modern Family. But the movie is completely ruined at the end when Sandy arrives at chaarcter carnival dressed like a greaser. Netflix Peter and Lara Jean pretend to date — a recipe for disaster if I've ever heard one — until they fall in love. The sequel confirmed that Big and Carrie were always destined for each other after she has a run-in with ex Aidan and we learn they really just weren't meant to be. Matthew and Mary, Downton Abbey. Cpuples they are certainly cute together, Pat and Tiffany could do with more alone time to work on themselves.

Paramount The music, the dancing, the '50s outfits — Grease has it all.

10 movie couples who are absolutely meant to be, and 10 who are a total joke

Darcy remain one of the greatest couples of all time. One person's swoon may be another person's grimace. I hope a sequel comes out eventually where they've matured enough to approach their relationship with fresh eyes and open hearts. No, really!

Lionsgate Despite Mia and Sebastian separating to pursue their careers, fans consider their relationship one for the ages. The Academy Award-winning film gets more interesting when you know that Woody based the character of Annie on Ccharacter, whom he dated in real life. Anna and the King of Siam.

When coupled purchase through links on our site, we may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. We may earn commission from the links on this. The "Fifty Shades Gray" trilogy featured a controversial love story than many found compelling. When a work function takes place on the night of his birthday party, he's a passive aggressive sulk.

Take a look back at our favorite big-screen romances

He's jealous and possessive to the point that their relationship is clearly toxic. Aside from the sex scenes, I don't get why these movies are so popular. Their romance is forbidden due to class barriers and her imminent characfer to controlling ego maniac, Cal Billy Zane but that only adds to the illicit excitement of this all-time great on-screen love affair.