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I Seeking Dating First big dick story

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First big dick story

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What I'm looking for is a tall dark sexy Dominant man to entertain and let me be his good girl. I'm a retired mboobiesage firdt, and a man of many talents.

Age: 45
Relationship Status: Not important
Seeking: I Searching Sexual Encounters
City: Spicewood, Hillsborough County, Strattanville
Hair: Brunette
Relation Type: Looking For A Buddy To Chat And Hang With

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It gives me a sense of power and knowing I biig made two guys shoot their load is so horny. I sure as hell didn't feel young and innocent anymore, I wanted as much of Mr. Our two kids are grown up and have their own families living in other parts of the country. I Met Her At A Bar… She was standing with her girlfriends, all laughing and joking and I was stood with my friends, the same old stories going round and the drinks flowing. It was his wife saying my parents were nearby and for him to be ready to leave when they arrived.

The baseball bat. Ron shot his load instantly the first time he saw this and ten minutes later he was fucking my brains out then shooting a second big load up my pussy while Rory bit him. I moaned and grunted as I tried to get closer to the feeling of his super large cock, the slippery wetness made him more aggressive as I moved my hips in circles to feel more of him. We exchanged s and ended up developing a long-distance relationship, and he sent me a dick pic that pretty much made me choke on my coffee.

I was her first big (fat) cock

Russ was obviously suffering from over sensitivity and lifted Penny up so his still hard cock slipped out of her. His name was Charlie and I'd sometimes babysit in exchange for his wife doing my mom's hair and sometimes mine, like for church and stuff.

Charlie then came into the room still wearing the towel and told Timmy to watch his small T. I decided to drink that one even though it smelled and tasted funny-kind of like daddy's wine. Rory can certainly fuck and Ron loves to watch him pumping me in all positions, often making me scream to such an extent that Rory has to cover my mouth. My inexperience definitely contributed to my lack of confidence. We meet 3 or 4 times a year, the first time at a travel lodge the rest have been at our home.

He got a little nervous as he stammered while trying to explain. I didn't see Charlie or his family for nearly 2 weeks. Every single woman I have slept with has marvelled rirst my cock and told me that it dici amazing but they had all had big cocks before, I was just a preference.

I looking adult dating

Charlie and his big dick friend too. I begged for more of his cock to be stuffed inside me and said out loud"oh yeeesss, shove your big cock deep inside my tiny little hole". They assured him that storu would be fine and everything would be okay in the morning. She then moved her naked body up mine and straddled me, taking hold of my penis and bjg it into her tight, pink pussy.

Just 17 stories about encounters with really big penises

She brushed her soft fingers over the bulge, teasing me each time she did it. Ron and I are very close and we hope Rory doesn't decide to call it a day any time soon, I love two cocks and double spunk.

I dated a dude who was packing a footlong. My name's Janis and my hubby is Ron, I'm 46 and Ron is 7 years older.

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Rory has not fucked my arse and I think I'll keep it that way and just keep my arse between me and Ron. Sex with him had me feeling so full and it rode that fine and sweet line between pleasure and pain. We tried again, the tip of my penis only just pushing its way inside before she told me to stop again. I by now had my trousers off and I moved behind her still on top of Russ. Best sex I ever had?

I tried to get away from him because stort hurt too much but he was lost in mindless pleasure unaware that he was hurting me. Penny asked what I meant and I told her Russ probably had the biggest cock she would ever see.

I started laughing so hard, I probably killed the mood. I love bkg Rory's big cock, slurping loudly on his smooth knob. I have swallowed his spunk more than once which was quite a feat because he shoots such a big load it has leaked from my lips onto my chin.

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I've always been more than willing to suck Ron off and although the taste of spunk isn't like champagne it's not unpleasant. Penny was rampant and grabbed hold of it just muttering obscenities and with no foreplay straddled Russ and pulled her sexy black panties to one side. She was so tight that we had to firsh slow but she was amazing at grinding and the longer we did this the more movement I had inside of stody.

He spoke to the doctor and then his wife and said he was on his way. I'm talking length and girth.

This time Russ took her from on top and gave her the fucking of her life before spunking yet again.