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First gay bj stories Looking Couples

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First gay bj stories

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If you feel like you're missing something and you want to take a chance on meeting someone new, reach out. As part of the friendship I would like to serve you by doing housework, errands, chores as well as other things to please you.

Age: 38
Relationship Status: Not married
Seeking: I Want Sexual Encounters
City: Caledonia, Fleming
Hair: Dyed black
Relation Type: Divorced Lady Want Friends Community

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I knelt between his legs and leaned over him and took his meat into my willing mouth.

Go figure! I was so hot. Then he was all spent I felt trapped I didn't know what to say.

I must have looked at that ad for three months before I got enough courage to respond. Having a real cock down your throat was a lot more exciting!

It was a real turn-on to have hay naked guy with a hard-on in front of me like that. He drove to my place. Having his fill, he once again sat down in the chair.

Then another and another. I continued by saying.

I wants dick

Motionless, I waited as he drained stpries manhood into my mouth. I moved from his balls to his cock, taking turns sucking on each. O, and btw, he did grow to at least 8. He said he only wanted to make sure I was finish and he wanted to clean me up. What will I do? I never thought I was that large, but his looked quite a bit smaller than mine.

He also had claimed a 8. I thought he was bluffing. But most of all, I could not get over how much I enjoyed drinking his semen. Once I made contact with the guy, he told me that he was married too.

My first time giving a blow job

This time i took a deep breath and took it all the way in He aled me to come d him Author: JK Williams I am a married, middle-aged man that has never had any bh experiences with men before. I was now very excited and although this was all so new, I wanted it to continue. I held it He Left the room and came back 15 minutes later. It tastes good". Having his warm cum in my mouth, tasting it and swallowing it was a major turn-on.

First blowjob ever for me

Was I supposed to do the same to him? My heart was pounding in my chest! This is a print version of story First gay bj by johnny-bi from xHamster.

He said he had to go home. I then felt the enormous bulge in his boxers. Like I said, it was cool and his warm mouth felt as someone had placed warm water on me. I took it out of my mouth and licked all over starting At his balls and going up. I layed next to him and grabbed his head i kissed him and in the process transferee his cum from my mouth to his. The stoies was good.

I slide my mouth right down the willy into a deepthroat as far as I could go moaning with pleasure from the taste. He said, "You gzy you never did this before? He layed down and took his clothes off.