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Kajira positions

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The girls knelt, closely, one behind the other, there were six wrist rings on the chain he carried.

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He put his hands, under my arms, on my breasts, sweetly and firmly. Put your hands, palms down, on your thighs.

The cloth might cover her entire body, or just her head. Yet there was not kjaira rope or strap on her body. She keeps her head straigh, with her eyes downcast. Also make note of how you settle into the various positions, and how you move out of them.

Kajira positions

The kneeling position, itself, expresses the servitude of the slave, and her submission. Bath Slave Girl: A kajira working as an erotic masseuse in a bath house.

Not you, please! Heel a slave kneels just behind her Master's left foot,as He moves she remains just behind His foot, never coming in contact with Him at any time.

It is a silent al of a girl,s desire for positkons master. She moved her head. As a woman you never know if something goes wrong during your life, that in you becoming the property of one of the many male Gorean warriors.

Gorean slave position

She came beside me, and a bit behind me, and, crouching, put her head down, deeply. Piteously she knelt, a slave girl.

Hilda's face burned red with fury, but she kept her head high. These commands may also be given for other purposes. It is hard to be exactly by the book as each book is a bit more brief in detailing the position or has a little more description than another book does on a position.

One may type fast too, but if the words are spelled incorrectly and such, it reflects upon you as being rushed and not taking the time to be more 'pleasing. My head was down. They lifted their left wrists, frightened. What are you?

Ze has a straight back, pushes her breasts upward. Spread those pretty knees. Her ankles may be similarly crossed and expected to remainthat way.

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Food will be thtown to her or put in pans and she must eat without her hands. She then turns her head to the left, her eyes lowered in submission, her lips slightly parted and awaits His leash. For more than two hours, I think, I knelt in position. The girl gets the sandals and kisses them.

Kajira meaning

In the books, the keeping of eyes lowered is normally intended as punishment and to remind a girl of her place and status. She slid her legs from under her and lay on her back, her hands at her sides, palms up, legs open. These questions, in this specific order, and their respective answers, are taught in an thorough and sometimes cruel way to each and every kajira. In many eyes, a kajira is the perfect form of submission that can be imagined.

In it the woman feels very vulnerable, very helpless. Kajirea must commonly kneel when entering her owners presence,if her owner is present nearby,or in the presence of any other free person.

And few slave modalities better convince one that one is a slave. It was that same simple ceremony that Sana had performed before me in the chamber of my father, back at Ko-ro-ba - the submission of the captive female. Posjtions is the submissive posture of a slave girl who is to be punished. My fingers were together, behind the back of my neck.