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Low hanging balls nude

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If you're a dude, then fuck off. Also put Best Budz in the subject so i know that you are a real, I hate scammers. Then you will be happier at home and your marriage will be better and last longer. Waiting for a BBW.

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All this has given him a naturally tight and lean masculine body. The weather was pretty hot that los, and he started to get all sweaty after some time.

He kept telling us various stories about his life in Hawaii, where he spent some time before he finally returned to his native Oregon and started working as a handyman and carpenter. Of course, being a horny little devil, his cock is still hard as rock and points straight into the sky! There is something inherently attractive about this friendly and always horny carpenter, and it probably has something to do with his naturalness.

Preview video:. That really is no wonder. The hot sun helps it stay as steel hard as possible.

If you like your men lean, but blessed with the proverbial washboard stomach, Dmitry will certainly be your cup of tea. Dmirty loves playing with his precum. Once fulling nude, Shay gets into his posing and presentation hangint his finely tuned physique.

Stefan was quick to remove his leather biker jacket, jeans and boots. Dmitry undoes his jeans to show off his pride and joy. First, he pulls his pants down over a pair of buttocks that make you gasp.

He enjoys showing off his low-hanging balls through his grey boxer briefs. Dmitry turns around to show us his ass every once in a while.

From head to toe, this man is nothing short of a refreshing drink of water. He sports distinct and easily noticeable summer tan lines because he often bapls outside exposed to the sunshine — hitching, climbing and doing his carpentry work for his clients.

His brown beard is neatly trimmed, and suits his very well, especially in combination with his chest and belly hair. Indeed, Shay is the epitome of splendid frat jock.

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Yes, it is a cock that will inspire many an erection. To protect his eyes from the strong sun, he puts on the sunglasses, his cock gets hard and throbbing, and then he continues to work on the metal poles while his cock keeps slapping against his thighs.

So sticky, so delicious looking. He is a very physical guy and works a lot with his hands. As nice as it is out during his shoot, Shay still takes his time getting his tight jeans off. He was a little anxious to take a piss in front of the camera, but nevertheless he did it, peeing into an orange 5 gallon hagning bucket, just next to the Oregon forest.

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We get to see his impressive butt cheeks and dangling balls once loow, and occasionally we can also see his ass crack while he works diligently on those metal poles. He definitely digs his newly found hobby — modelling for Islandstuds and working naked outside in nature. He is not focused only on his cock, but rubs and manhandles his balls as well while stroking his tool.

The proud son of Ukrainian immigrant parents, Dmitry was born in America and considers himself a major science geek. Obviously, he gets off on slapping his belly with his stiff hard cock, and he says he loves the sound that his cock makes in the process.

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He looks so sexy with his rock hard boner which easily reaches up to his hairy nkde. One more maneuver: Stefan pulls down his pulsating dick until he touches his balls with it, and then releases it like a spring! Stefan was given the asment to work hanging a shade trap off nuce roof of the house using a tall ladder and tools.

We are sure he has an exhibitionist streak because he obviously enjoyed looking directly into the camera while manhandling his cock. Again, he gives us a good view of his now soapy virginal ass.

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Lkw opens his ass cheeks and even inserts his whole soapy hand into his ass to clean himself up properly! This is nothing however, as Dmitry loses a load that will make you cum lovers out there drool for a taste! Ahh yes, Shay is what college fratboy dreams are made of!

Stefan is of Italian and American descent. Unsurprisingly, his cock is soon awakened and Stefan starts stroking it. He keeps talking to the camera as his dick continues to bounce around in the water.