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Roman holiday bathhouse I Am Look For Nsa

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Roman holiday bathhouse

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:) I am not an ugly man but am not the great waiting man to ever walk the globe.

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As a bottom I find it erotic to just lay there and wait for someone to enter and plow my ass. Let me know if you find a bath house on par with a fine hotel. Clean, low pressure, not too expensive and quite discrete. We'd left the door open in case anyone wanted to watch, didn't notice hooliday real crowd, but I was somewhat distracted.

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Unfortunately he must be a bit shy since he wanted the room door closed and the window in the door covered over. Shortly after I had to split. I mean what ae these people doing and is this why no one goes in there any more, you go in but don't leave? Where holivay is there to go? The steam room is a good place to get head but if you want to fuck, get a room.

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No video lounge, no dark or semi dark spaces. After that I went up to the roof deck to build up stamina again I'm not 20, and not ready to go immediately where I sat opposite an early romman slim, hot Hispanic. Everyone is there for the same thing. I like to watch and show. Every time since has been great.

In the room what is used for Massage, it did look srtange, bathhous I thought if the table were moved or a side wall lifted there could be a way to go down to a basement? That was OK for me - having someone this hot blow me made almost anything OK. Good enough for the purpose. I'm not going in there. You make it a point to have a good time and when you try, it seems there is like a Hex on this romsn and others like it.

In fact after about an hour two well hung guys loosened me up well. Cruise Tip. Keep Watching!

I went here recently and would have to say this place is the most unsexual over lit place I've ever paid to visit. Bathhiuse a very good time we thanked each other he'd managed two lo from me in one session and he split. I've been there many times and have never gotten a dirty towel I'm not saying baghhouse can't happen by mistakepatrons are not in danger of being rounded up and hauled off for questioning, and there is no secret tunnel that spies crawl through to watch you in the shower from a hidden room.

Management claims the price increase is due to their "increased compliance with County of Los Angeles health standards" when in bathhoues, the owner finally had to spend some bucks to perform some long overdue maintenance on the dump! Add Review Report incorrect info Charleswi 3 days ago me and my friend want to try threesome sex and be looking for a man.

Roman holiday health club

Marlinbrando Over a year ago. Better than fumbling around in a bar.

Nothing intimate about the place at all. Wanna 69? If I lived in the area I'd be pretty much a regular there. Days, Nights, Weekends???

Get educated. Managed a nice round of 69 with a gent in his room, but my time was limited so after I came - I left. Weekday, early afternoons, late mornings. Room was small, but the linens on the single narrow bed were clean, there were hooks to hang my clothes holidya, and the room was clean. I went again a few days later when I had a few hours to spend. Proably more than one way to go across the alley. I was nervous the first time but it didn't take much time to loosen up.

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The towels and sheets are clean and they change them right away if you get them dirty and ask for new. We made eye contact, and some mutual rubbing revealed he was a bottom and liked his nipples played with. How anything goes on here is beyond me.

I hope the cops gave it a good "rating". The club provides both rubbers AND lube in the pack they give you with the towel, but noliday a real PITA to open the lube package in the steam room. There is an 8 or 10 hour limit on rooms depending on the day of the week, not 6 hours.

Shortly after went downstairs to my room and he holidaj. Safe sex is a must and they provide rubbers and lube. I was a bath virgin the first time I visited, and found the low pressure attitude of the place made me feel comfortable. Some of the things said here about RH are just complete BS. Overall the place seems to be kept clean.