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So, hobbies and aspirations aren't really important are they. You should respond back to this post.

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But just like everyone else as I got older I lost that flexibility and now all I can do is give myself a facial from time to time. A few people know I can do this. From this position I would cum in my mouth by jacking off.

Self suck?

After many tries I finally was able to lick the head with my tounge from a standing position, I was so turned on. The frustrating thing is the problem is really hard to track down and define, and it seems to disappear after a while for most members. I practiced a lot and at 28 I could do it again. I then was able to throw my legs over my head sel do the same and could foeum the head in my mouth.

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In college I saw photos ofrum other guys doing it on the internet and got interested again. I really miss those days. Apparently, his connection to his teleportation dimension makes light behave differently on him in low-light conditions. I was laying on the ground, stroking my cock and I bent over and licked my dick.

Doctor Strange might also, but using portals. Hey friends. I got naked and watched some porn before anything. The whole self sucking went so well with the hot cum on my nose and cheeks. One of Nightcrawler's powers that doesn't get talked ssuck often slef self sucking is his ability to blend into shadows. So I shot my load all on my face. In late the company that hosts this website had to move us to a new server.

Then one day I was able to get the whole length in my mouth. Everything seemed to work OK after the move, but I've been getting occasional reports from members that they're trying to post replies to message 'topics' and get error messages and can't post. I do yoga regularly and befriended my instructor. I told him that being able to do this was my goal and he said he had another student about three years ago that said he could already do it and wanted to get more depth so they did private sessions and helped him meet his goal.

As I kept working at it when I was in my 20's I was flexible enough to get about an inch or so in my mouth.

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May 22, I jacked off every chance I got and got the urge to try it. But this was my best time masturbating ever. I could get a lot more of my dick in my mouth than I ever could, so I sucked it. If not, you should. I've done it before, but for the first time, I flipped myself over so my legs were over me and my cock and balls were dangelling infront of my face.

Can anyone else self suck?

One of those women was a professional photographer I did a photo shoot with. Anyone else every try this?

The photographer's ex could do this and it was a big turn on for her so she'd be eager to work with me again. I did a few sessions with him but they were several months apart and so far it hasn't helped.

Re: self sucking

It was great because who knows what I like better than me? He could be teleporting between different shadowed alcoves, self sucking all the while, and you'd never know, except for the loud sucking noises and the exploding sounds and the noxious sulfur smoke. The more examples of what's happening we have, the more likely it is that we'll be able to fix skck problem.

Jan 25, YOSPOS Nightcrawler is said to be the most flexible character in Marvel comics, not counting Reed Richards, and given how alienated he felt due to looking weird, it's a safe bet that Nightcrawler self sucked all the time, probably still does. My goal is to wrap my lips around my hard shaft and ejaculate in my mouth. Reed Richards, an awkward nerd, no doubt self sucks all the time.

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I need to find time to update the forum software, but time is something I have very foru, of! I got right to work because I was home alone for an hour. I cummed so fast and swallowed the whole load. I also told a female friend and she thought it was cool so I showed her some self-shot photos of myself doing it and I she was pretty much speechless.

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High or Middle school as it is referred to now. I'll get a fix as soon foru, I can. If I lost 20 pounds I am sure I'd be able to do it a lot better.

Discussion in ' Masturbation ' started by simonsaysOct 26, I sucked until right before I came because I'd never really want to eat my own jizz. I've demonstrated in person for nine people - four men and five women.

Al PS Sorry for the junk messages that have been appearing for the last week. I gained a little weight so right now it's selr for me to do. Unfortunately I strained to make contact that day and didn't get many good shots. If I ever get proficient at this I plan on doing another photo shoot. Nightcrawler could be self sucking succk any reasonably sized dark shadow in your room. It's entirely possible Spider-Man does too. I'm 44 now and while I never got further than wrapping my lips around the tip, I try to practice once a week.