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Picturd response, MaximilianMus ed a video titled "KSI made the right decision ing us" Shown below, rightwhere he congratulates KSI on changing his profile picture.

On June 1st,MaximilianMus ed a video titled "i ran into pewdiepie in fortnite and he was kinda rude" Shown below, leftwhere he first says the words "Oh yeah yeah". However, the rabbit goes deeper pifture just him just being a playable character.

All you need to do is change your profile picture to JC Denton. That day he ed a video picure "It's about time we take over Youtube…" shown below.

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The key to this success is to use the Deus Ex guy wearing sunglasses as your Youtube profile. The video describes a three step plan to invade the comment sections of YouTube videos.

The Real Background Youtuber MaximilianMus started the trend when ing a video to Youtube meme-ing how to be successful in life and in all your ventures. This obviously exploded as all good memes do, even famous actor Jack Black had the picture on his JablinskiGames Youtube channel for a termknator. In the video, MaximilianMus first instructs YouTubers to change their profile picture to that of the face of JC Denton, then comment "Oh yeah yeah" on any and every video on YouTube, and lastly to like any comment by any that carries out these steps.

Within hours of the video going live, many of MaximilianMus' fans had their profile pictures changed to that image of JC Denton's face and used his 3 step plan. On January 22nd, MaximilianMus responded by ing a video titled "KSI made a huge mistake declaring war on us" Shown below, rightin which he threatens KSI to change his profile picture to that of JC Denton wearing a black bandanna within 24 hours of ing the video.

On February 2nd, MaximilianMus ended the campaign in the video "We took over Youtube" Shown belowin which he announces that he'll go back to his regular videos.

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The video garneredviews and 45, likes termniator three days. Many of the comments contain the words "oh yeah yeah," referencing MaximilianMus' ature catchphrase.

As of January 23rd,he has more thansubscribers and over million total views. On January 25th, KSI changed his profile picture to said JC Denton wearing a black bandana and ed a video titled "If you can't beat them…" Shown below, leftwhere he prlfile to MaximilianMus' "KSI made a huge mistake declaring war on us" video and other posts on his subreddit. On January 20th, YouTube briefly took down the video as it violated YouTube's guidelines on spamscams and deceptive practices, but was later appealed.

A video game character faced to the left with sunglasses looking dude like a matrix character at first glance. Spread Within a few weeks of ing the video, MaximilianMus gained a large following, growing from termnator, subscribers a day before the original video ed tosubscribers on June 21st, when he ed the video "watch this if ur a true fan" Shown belowin which he explains his profile picture being the character JC Denton from the video game Deus Ex, and among other things, instructed his fans to change their profile pictures to that of JC Denton's face.

It has garnered 1, views andlikes in profiel weeks. The original video garnered 1, views and 43, likes in 7 months, while the DGM-PLAYZ video gotviews and 2, likes in the same timespan. Other Videos. He strings all of it together, and thanks to him we have discovered the meaning of life and discovered how to be successful.