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Wife flashing stories Wants Sex Dating

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Wife flashing stories

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I work hard, and I play hard. Tired of dating freaks and geeks.

Age: 50
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A few months back we started to talk about some variety to our sex life. The thought of shoving these up her ass and flasying her until she cums and then pulling them out was too much. We had figured out that as long as they remained quiet no one would know that they were window peeking. I screamed as I let myself shoot from my well-fucked wige and into my wife's cum filled snatch. She needed a purple helmeted warrior to scream out and bust through her fleshy pink pussy lips and lubricate her inner sanctum.

When we met back at the Room, She alreaady had the short skirt off and put away! I also made a stranger's day. Every time I'd tell them about an experience where I'd flashed Jill to some truckers on the highway or relate some other adventure they'd always complain and ask why they couldn't have been the lucky men to see her.

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Jill smiled wifs and said, "You're welcome honey, I enjoy it because you liked it. As I was walking around looking for her, I happened to notice this Guy checking this lady out! While driving to the cabin she took off her panties and threw them up into the chevy. I started to tell her how much I enjoyed working on her cunt with both hands and how I like to see her little tits shaking back and forth.

Since my wife was bare ass naked she stood up and pulled Bo's boxers off and then pulled wiffe off.

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But I still loved her, she just didn't fill like fucking. So I reluctantly got back in and we picked up Bo and away we went. She wanted to be fucked long and hard by another man and feel his penis penetrate her wet hot pussy. The next morning as we were walking the hoardwalk, she caught me looking at a Rather short Skirt, she said you like and I said Yes, but you'd never wear that!

Flashing wife

I watched as his dick slid in and out of her pussy. Well, the opportunity arose and so did me and my buddy Bo.

WOW either she didn't realize what she was doing, or she was getting turned on! Bo's eyes were rolling in his head and I almost came just seeing this. But to add another layer onto the cake, she showed me a string hanging out between her puffy pink lips.

This gave me a constant hard on. She had unknowingly stripped herself bare and exposed her nude body to two strange men. She was still completely naked as she walked over to the window, and when she was feet away she must have seen syories outside because she shrieked and quickly ran upstairs. Flashinb looked wonderful, and her body was clearly visible through the sheer fabric.

She spread her legs further then she ever did and said just put the tip in!


I made sure that I wasn't blocking the view from the window so that they storries see exactly how she arches her back and tenses up until she can let go. I made sure that I was in the right position so that she would be facing the side window where Jason and Rick were outside watching.

However, most of my excitement was coming from the fact that I knew we were being watched. Since we've come home to SW pa. Total 0 votes Loading It was the best ride home I'd ever had.

Flaashing fell into that rut. I asked her to show me her tits so I could watch them bounce. I don't know if it is for the better or not!!!!!!

It was taking all my willpower not to cum when Jill began to settle in to her familiar up and down rocking fuck. I had also arranged some left over building supplies, a pile of bricks and a lumber platform for them to stand on so flashiny could easily look in the window. My wife is a little more shy. It wasn't long before she was leaning into me flashiing soon she was stretched out on the couch with her wide spread legs facing away from me and towards the spectators outside the window.

She had taken off her Bra and her Nipples were sticking thru her top! While we were dating she's wear short skirts and Bikinis and she sife such a great boddy! My wife is the best person in the world and I would do anything for her. She must not have believed me about the window-peepers because she asked me if it was really true.

Wife flashed!

She took my cock out of wufe mouth just long enough to say, 'Somebody had foashing fuck me quick. I paid a Girl to put it on our bed, with a note, saiying to enjoy it, that I enjoyed the show last night and I bought you a Present that Resembles what I have for you! I hope that we can do some swapping in the future and I always hope that my wife can let go of her shyness and inhibitions and experience the wonderful feeling of sexual gratification.

storiies We have been married for about 6 years and have two wonderful sons that I wouldn't trade for the world. She dropped her skirt and panties and revealed a beautiful sight. We were suppose to meet at our room pretty soon, so I waited for her to leave, followed her and got to our room 1 minute after she weent in!

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I'd give my right nut for a closer look, for a sniff, a touch, and a taste of my sister's cunt, thought Jason sitting down in the chair across from his sister, while staring at all that his sister was showing. This is a print version of story Wife Flashed! This lets her know that tonight would be a night for sex in the living room, with the lights on, and not in the bedroom in the dark. I took off my wife's clothes and then undressed. Them my wife did something that I never stoires she would have the guts to do, but I absolutely loved watching.

I hope that my being there and participating while she experienced the joy of having some orgasms and getting fucked by somebody else, is a comfort to her.